February 15, 2018

Kim + Max Oceanside, California


kim + max 

Sweetness alive, I don’t even know where to begin with these two. Meeting and photographing Kim and Max was energetic, fun, and so gosh dang romantic. Not only that but it was like connecting with friends—we instantly hit it off and had the time of our lives talking art, creating, dancing in the setting sun, and galavanting around the California sand and the sea (February water temps be dammed).

They met in school, while competing on opposing teams for a marketing project and they could not be a cuter team now!

Not only are Kim + Max incredibly down to earth, they’re also insanely creative hustlers with freelance social media marketing and art (which, holy moly go check out Kim’s work here, and read about her incredible mission here; she does some amazing things!). It’s so beyond inspirational + fueling to get to work and create with such authentic, passionate, and free souls like these two. I mean just take a look and see, they just radiate!